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As Cool as DSLR! These 5 Photography Tips Using Android To Look Professional

As Cool as DSLR! These 5 Photography Tips Using Android To Look Professional | Times have developed and are much more modern. Now photographing activities not only rely on special camera devices, such as pocket camera, DSLR, and the like. Currently we have known the new term in the world of professional photography, one of which is mobile photography.

Well, now to take pictures to look professional does not have to use expensive cameras. Because enough with the HP camera alone we can already have amazing photos. In the discussion this time Jaka will review some tips to be able to shoot images with great results even with the HP camera. More curious right? Let's see

5 Photography Tips Using Android

1. Notice the Lens Camera Cleaning

Note the cleanliness of camera lensAgar can produce a good photo capture, then the first thing to note is the cleanliness of the camera lens. Because the lens is a technology to capture images to be sharper, therefore make sure no dirt attached to the camera lens.

So before starting the photo session, the first step is to check first whether the camera lens is clean or not. If not, then clean it or will disturb the shooting process.

2. Use Photo Editing Applications

Use Photo Editing ApplicationsSo your photos look more professional, a bit of editing is needed. Of course this process is much more fun because our creativity will be further honed to produce a better picture.

Currently there are many photo editing apps available on the internet. Choose according to your taste, whether it is free or paid the same as long as you can operate it.

3. Understand Angle In Shooting

Understand Angle in shooting Angle or shooting angle is something that can give meaning to your photo. Through the right angle will make your photo as it looks real and interesting.

To be able to get the proper angle of shooting takes further practice and exploration. The point is do not be afraid to try and keep tapping your intuition and try as many shooting angles as possible to add to the experience that much. Also try learning some references about angles in shooting through some books or sites on the internet.

4. Do not Use Zoom Features

Stay away from ZoomThere are special rules in mobile photography, ie do not use the zoom feature when shooting an image. This is because the zoom feature can add noise effects on the image.

If the noise is clearly visible, then certainly the photo will not be good. Then the best step to photograph a distant object is by approaching it. That way, you will also have clear images without visible noise even in the picture.

5. Watch Lighting

Notice Lighting Not only for mobile photography alone, the lighting aspect is one of the most important parts of any photography world. For lighting business you can use sunlight if you want to do shooting outdoors, while for low light conditions you can use additional lighting.

In addition you can also choose the time to photograph the golden hour session. What is golden hour? So golden hour is the best time to do photo activity. The golden hour times are about a few hours after sunrise and the sun sets.

Well, that's some tips to be able to produce professional photos even if only using HP cameras. However, the important thing is you should enjoy the process of photography without having to be bound by the rules in it. And you have to keep learning and join the photography community in your area to share and learn together with the art of photography with ease.
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