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3 Ways to Remove Viruses and Malware on Android Smartphone

3 Ways to Remove Viruses and Malware on Android Smartphone | Reportedly, because using an open source operating system, Android became one of the most vulnerable platform against malware and virus attacks. Horrified, right?

Remember the case of WannaCry's ransomware yesterday? Although not yet attacked smartphone, but if you Android smartphone users like Me, it's good you menethaui how to remove viruses and malware from your Android smartphone.

Smartphone Virus Signs and How to Prevent it

Before knowing how to remove viruses and malware on Android smartphones, it's good you know the signs of smartphones that get the virus. The signs are:

  • Appear pop-up ads are not clear that annoying
  • Often send or receive SMS strange
  • The smartphone battery feels more extravagant than usual
  • Smartphone so slow, but RAM is still roomy and a little application that is used
  • Quota runs out quickly
  • Boot time is longer than normal

1. Buy Antivirus

You may be wondering, "It's important Antivirus on Andorid smartphone?". If you have a smartphone with RAM and extensive internal memory, then I says it's important. With extensive internal memory, akmu would love to download and install many free applications from the vast Google Play Store right? And this is a danger.

Well, if you have a smartphone equipped with large RAM (at least 2GB), it's good you buy Antivirus applications. Why buy? Because if you download a free Antivirus application, limited features. Unlock all features by purchasing the official, do not download from other sources that are not trusted, so your smartphone will be safe.

Until now, AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security is KeepReview favorite. You can try the free version if you want

2. Use Smartphone Security Features

Asus and Xiaomi Smartphones are usually equipped with special security features, the name can be Security or Mobile Manager. Well, this feature supports Antivirus innate smartphone that is very effective to scan and remove viruses on the smartphone.

3. Enter Safe Mode

If you are hesitant to pay for Antivirus app for Android, there is still another free way, that is by entering Safe Mode. However this will usually only be effective if your smartphone has actually been infected with malware. How to enter Safe Mode for each device is different, you can use Mbah Google to find him. If your smartphone is already rooted, getting into Safe Mode will be easier with the help of Quick Reboot application.

After Android you enter Safe Mode, you can find a list of suspicious applications that you never installed in the Settings - Applications menu. Then delete the app. For more complete how to remove malware in this way you can read in the article How to Remove Virus on Your Android Without Antivirus.

Well, that's three easy ways to remove viruses and malware on Android smartphones. Because KeepReview sure in your smartphone must be a lot of important data, so yuk remove the virus on your Android!

Good luck!
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