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iPhone 7 Exploded

iPhone 7 Exploded

Keepreview - Since dozens of units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 dlaporkan explode, exploding smartphone phenomenon seems to be a unique discussion that there is no death. The cases also had visited the exploding smartphone Xiaomi.

However it turns out, the case had not stopped exploding smartphone. More recently, the iPhone 7 which is the latest smartphone from Apple reported blow!

In the center of the explosion case Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Apple seems to have a chance to swing freely in the market. But it seems this opportunity should be blocked. The reason, one user reported iPhone unit 7 ordered explode.

A Reddit user named Kroopthesnoop reportedly ordered the iPhone 7 variant matte black online. When the packet order arrived, he was immediately opened. However, he was surprised because the iPhone unit received already in a badly damaged condition. Part twisted body behind it, the screen is open, and visible marks on its body burnt.

On this case, Kroopthesnoop suspect there is an error in the delivery process. He also contact AppleCare to find out in this regard. Unfortunately, so far there has been no response from Apple regarding the tragedy suffered by Kroopthesnoop.
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