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Most Controversial Computer Games of All Time

Most Controversial Computer Games of All Time - After we've discussed about what games are classified as games tersadis ever, this time we will give you back listikal article about the most controversial games ever. There are 10 games that will be discussed, and between them have a theme or plot very controversial, ranging from racist, dirty words, they contain excessive sex. Therefore, let's start a list of the 10 most controversial games of all time based on the list prepared by the following Gameranx.


We've just begun list, has been greeted with this obscene themed game. Yoi, Rapelay is a game which has a story about a man who wanted to rape a mother with her two children. The theme is too vulgar to the picture that is quite tempting to make this game directly banned in some countries such as Argentina, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Resident Evil 5

This uncomfortable news began to emerge when the Resident Evil series launch their fifth game trailer at E3 2007. There, they display a set of black Zombie assessed some people are racist. But in fact, this game involves many different types of zombies and do not intend to press a certain race. Still, the rumors always more fun to hear a lot of people about the racial controversy.


Postal certainly be part of our list this time. How not, the game is obviously raised a world filled with hatred. Starting from a rifle with a silencer cats to pee on top of a dead body. This game also seems to bring out the theme of homophobia, racism, and violence terhada animals. That is what makes some countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, and France banned the game in the region.

Ethnic Cleansing

From the title alone is clear. The game is the theme that is very controversial ethnic cleansing a cruel way. Ethnic available in the game Ethnic Cleansing is also diverse, including African, Spanish, and Hebrew. In this game you will encounter a mission called "Yiddish Control Center" that aims to kill Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Insrael ie.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG

In 1999, in the United States there was a massacre involving two teenagers at Columbine High School. Due to these events, resulting in 12 people died on the spot and dozens more were injured. Through this game, you will be invited to taste the two teenage killers. Up here it is clear where the point of making controversial? Cruel.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect has also become one of the game which gave rise to controversy in the community. The media exaggerate the game that gave rise to scenes glimpse of one of the characters in the game that looked buttocks and breasts from this side. Unfortunately, because the media wanted to show something bombastic, then they show the impression that the game is full with vulgar and sex scenes.

Muslim Massacre: The Game Of Modern Religious Genocide

Back again with a game from the title alone has led to resentment. Muslim Massacre game actually has a very simple graphics, but the provocative title and the theme of the absurd controversy in the community.

Grand Theft Auto

It seems everyone who has ever played GTA will know it. Yes, this game is filled with so many elements of the coarse and vulgar as prostitution, dirty words, and murder wherever he is.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The game is not well known enough yes. But what makes it appear among other controversial games is because when he demonstrated in the Penny Arcade Expo 2013 event, the main character showing scenes of the rape of a woman. It remains unclear whether this is a plot which is authorized or not.


This ah mah has no need to be denied again as one of the most controversial games. Each scene just shows the hunting and killing a very cruel and merciless. For those of you who like the bloody game, Manhunt never missed ya.
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