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[REVIEW] Speaker Krator Neso N2-21030 SPECIFICATION

[REVIEW] Speaker Krator Neso N2-21030 SPECIFICATION

To be honest, when I first saw these speakers, KeepReview think he is one of the variants of the speaker output speaker manufacturer who are in Singapore. However, after looking more closely, these speakers have a brand Krator. Inquired have inquired, speaker whose appearance is quite unique turns manufactured in Taiwan. The type that was stopped by the lab KeepReview N2-21030 Neso Neso included in the ranks of 02 owned Krator.

Neso Krator N2-21030 has a unique design, ie the angle of the speaker driver tembaknya raised slightly in order to maximize sound output. This is mainly for satellites are usually placed on the table with a lower position of the ears. With a driver rather looked up, the sound can be directed to the ear. So that a uniform, subwoofer design Krator Neso N2-21030 also designed so although it is actually not very influential. Low tone creeping in omni directional.

Which is unfortunate from the right of the satellite design is "integrated" with its subwoofer are connected with a cable thick enough. This is because all the speaker settings, such as volume, bass, and treble satellites are in the right. This design also causes you can not put too much with subwoofer satellites.

Turning a matter of sound, set this Krator 2.1 powered speakers reproduce the tone of the middle and upper fairly well. Although less clean, tone it has a fairly wide range. While the middle tone sounds solid although less thick, especially for a genre of songs that many rely on vocal sound. The resulting low tone subwoofer driver measuring 5.25 "This includes powerful and reasonably be invited clubbing. Overall, the quality is quite good, especially for the music type dance / disco.

Driver size Satellite2,5˝
Subwoofer Driver5,25˝
Frequency Response40-20000Hz
Output power30W RMS
ControlVolume, bass, treble
Weights± 1kg
Connector3,5mm jack stereo plug (gold plated)
Warranty 1 YEAR (1 to 1 replacement)
Harga*71,09 USD
+ Sounds pretty good, powerful bass.

- Cable Satellite permanent right, the price is high enough for 2.1.

rating 7.5
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