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Asus classified as one of the brand are quite varied in presenting its line of notebooks. Of the many that have been presented, one of the mainstays of AMD-based notebooks interesting to note that Asus X550ZE. This series is intended for the use of computing for a variety of needs, ranging from daily activities, work, surf the Internet, to entertainment. Interestingly, it is offered with a choice of leading-edge specifications but with an affordable price tag. Such as what and how performance? Here's his review:

Specifications and Feature

Asus X550ZE has the following specifications:

X550ZE Asus comes with two different variants of the specifications of the processor, the AMD A10-7400P and AMD FX-7600P. While Asus X550ZE we received using AMD processors A10-7400P which is a middle-class processor with architecture Kaveri as a successor of the previous generation that is Richland. This processor has a total of 10 core and a little different from the AMD FX-7600P is more powerful with a total of 12 cores.

In detail, the calculation is made up of 10 core AMD processor-based A10 quad-core (4 core) and coupled with the hexa-core (6-core) from the GPU. As for the processor AMD FX-7600P has a total of 12 core with rician 4 and 8 core processor core GPU. In its default clock speed of 2.5 GHz, but thanks to the Turbo Core feature users can increase it up to 3.6 GHz.

Graphics, AMD A10 has had congenital the AMD Radeon GPU R6. Not only that, added graphics chip R5 M230 and AMD Radeon Dual Graphics feature makes the two work simultaneously to support a more resilient performance. For RAM memory has been equipped with a capacity of 4 GB. This specification is enough to run a variety of modern applications. But with the two RAM slots, you can still upgrade up to 16 GB capacity for better performance improvement.

Has a 15.6-inch screen size is quite large and comfortable for a wide range of activities, especially when watching movies with HD resolution or playing games. If not satisfied with the size of the screen, supplied HDMI port that can be connected to the TV. Just connect the device to the HDMI port, and you will feel the sensation of a more exciting again by using a larger screen.

Asus X550ZE using wide size keyboard and numeric keypad includes function. This makes typing activity becomes more fun and more functional. Its buttons are convenient to use with the palm rest area is relieved to make the hand becomes more relaxed and not easily tired. Similarly, the size of the touchpad that relief has been equipped with Smart Gesture technology. This technology allows users to perform a variety of stylish touch to perform certain functions with faster and more practical.

No less interesting, X550ZE Asus also includes optical devices such as DVD-RW drive with read and write speed of 8x. Although the use of external storage media using a USB connection such as flash or external hard drives are popular, but the availability of optical drives provide a wider choice in performing various storage media formats, such as DVD collection of old.

For connections that do not need high speed such as a mouse, you can use USB2.0 port. Do not miss the two USB3.0 ports which offers data transfer speeds are much faster, the port is suitable if you want to move data from or to an external hard drive device which has a large data.

Support other ports include RJ45 LAN port for network koneski using cables, and ports D-Sub 15-pin for connection to an analog connection on the screen. Do not miss a card reader that supports two types of memory cards SD / SDHC and MMC.

X550ZE Asus has also adopted several supporting technologies, such as Instant On, which is one characteristic feature mainstay Asus also pinned. This feature serves to turn the notebook in just 2 seconds from sleep mode. This process certainly help those who do not want to waste time waiting for a long process.

Because intended for any use, do not miss pinned SonicMaster audio technology so that the quality of sound output to become more powerful. By positioning the speakers located on the bottom, it will make a sound output spread, causing the sound tighter.

Maximum performance is usually affected the heat generated. Asus has provided the solution with the use of active fan will work when it reaches a certain temperature. The exhaust heat is channeled through the grilles located on the left. Not only that, Asus also adopted IceCool technology. With it, the temperature of the heat generated can be muted so that it remains comfortable doing activities without being disturbed overheating.


In order to see the performance in general, used the application benchmark PCMark 8 using Conventional Creative mode. This mode outline will assess the performance of the notebook when running applications such as multimedia, gaming, video editing, as well as other everyday computing. For the results can be seen in the following screenshot. Keep in mind that the Asus X550ZE we tested using AMD processors APU whole A10-7400P which has 10 cores.

What about the game-based applications? This is the fundamental question for those who not only want to use the notebook for a serious business, but also for entertainment purposes, and one of them is to play games.

To prove graphics capabilities, we try to run one of the latest popular games. In order to draw us to try two types of games in the middle class represented by the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. As for the game heavier represented by Grand Theft Auto V and Mortal Kombat X. In order to demonstrate support for the latest operating systems, we do testing using the Windows 10 operating system which was able to walk properly. To calculate the frames-per-second (fps) used Fraps application. Here are the results:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 does not run into problems when setting the resolution and detail in conditions of maximum. During the game progresses the benchmark results show scores in the range of 56- 60 fps fairly comfortable playing.
Using the native resolution with a multiple choice of high detail, Fraps managed to show an average score of around 49.7 fps. The number range is still quite comfortable playing a character with moves mainstay respectively.
For Grand Theft Auto V alone was able to get a score of 25-40 fps with a resolution setting of 800 x 600 pixels using DirectX 10 mode.
Turning to the other heavyweight game is Mortal Kombat X, Asus X550ZE is able to achieve a score in the range of 20-30 fps with a choice of low resolution. As an illustration, to play games for a minimum standard of achievement reached 30 fps for comfortable approaching the limit.

Consequences of graphics performance and maximum process is wasteful power consumption in the battery. Equipped with 4-cell battery capacity, battery life can last up to 2 hours when used for gaming activity. Heavyweight activities such as playing games it is suggested that the notebook is in a condition connected to the mains. As for the lighter activities such as using office applications, listening to music, or surf the internet, the battery can last longer and suitable for frequent traveling or working from anywhere.


Asus X550ZE could be an interesting option for those who are concerned with the performance without having to spend too deep. Priced at USD 6.949 million, is certainly a reasonable price considering the specifications, features, and capabilities that can run a variety of applications for diverse needs. For another variant that uses an AMD FX-7600P priced at Rp 7.649 million.

For the sake of convenience of use, the notebook is getting past garanasi for 2 full years globally, which means true in every country that has representatives Asus service center. This warranty includes the cost of service and spare parts that are having problems. Interesting right?

Plus: multi-core processors with maximum performance, cool design, widescreen, dual graphics features, affordable price.

Minus: less long battery life.
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