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Latest drone of Parrot's Can Fly AND Sailing in the Ocean!

Latest drone of Parrot's Can Fly AND Sailing in the Ocean!

Drone technology today is already not just a remote control plane that brings a camera fly to monitor the situation. Drone possible for fans already familiar with Parrot. The company has been invaded by Drone sky belongs to them, now they are trying to master the seas with its Drone can sail on the ocean. Nice ...

Drones that can sail is called Hydrofoil Drone. In contrast to Lily that does not require remote control to control it, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity you to control the Drone Hydrofoil. Besides Hydrofoil, Parrot Drone also launched several other design, such as the Drone that can see in the dark and drones that can carry small objects.

Hydrofoil Drone is the first that combines MiniDrone with a hydrofoil (ship propulsion engines that work on the water). You can put up MiniDrone and rotate it 90 degrees up to be a power propeller for Hydrofoil this Drone.

Hydrofoil Drones can cruise at a maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour on the water until seven minutes and MiniDrone itself can fly up to 11.18 mph until nine minutes when detached from the boat. The camera is mounted on a drone has a resolution of 640 x 480 (VGA) and a storage capacity of 1 GB of internal memory.

Hydrofoil Drone will come in two variants in July. Rates are priced for a Drone approximately € 169 or $ 190. Are you interested in having them? Do not forget to leave a comment below yes.

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