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G4 LG has just introduced before the public. LG officially announced the readiness of marketing this premium smartphone in Indonesia. Later LG G4 will be available in two versions of Genuine Leather and Ceramic Craft.

As for LG G4 Pre order itself will take place from May 13 till May 2015, LG opens wide for enthusiasts LG G4 to get a chance cashback of up to 1.9 million dollars.

For two different versions of material LG also set different prices for the type of Genuine Leather has a price of USD 8.499 million, while for the design with material Ceramic Craft will be appreciated Rp 8.199 million. LG's new product certainly has many advantages. Here are 5 benefits of LG G4 are many highlighted


This time LG to give attention to the new product by using the leather with two colors brown and black. Another option to use the touch white ceramic with a 3D pattern.

Setuhan special was done by taking the shape of Slim Arc which makes the overall design is performed with a curved screen. Slim arc in the claims has a higher resistance level of up to 20 per cent than when it fell flat design with flat-screen override field.

On other hand, this gives the curve of comfort and a more secure grip in the hand. Great attention to design and material makes LG G4 like to bring fresh air in smartphone design with a full metal and appear flat.



Smartphone without a good screen quality, rich like food without salt, will taste bland. This is trying to be made sensational by LG G4. Display Quantum embedded IPS panel with a resolution of 5.5 inch Quad HD makes LG G4 is able to offer color repproduksi 20% larger. 25% increase in brightness and contrast which is 50% higher. Mengkokohkan LG G4 is once again the first to use this display technology.

Besides, LG panel G4 has been using the Advanced in-cell Touch (AIT). It is a technology that combines an LCD and a touch sensor on a single layer to produce color reproduction and better sensitivity level.


Visual satisfaction also offset by future users optimal battery. LG G4 embedded battery 3000 mAh. As for the kitchen spur LG G4 using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 with X10 LTE which has the character of a high speed with more energy-efficient the power intake. 


To Operation Using LG Lollipop 5.0 operating system with a combination of LG UX 4.0. LG is said to be the latest UX promising because the use of simpler and more intuitive easy to understand user with some ease berbeda.berikut characters presented by LG UX 4.0, namely;

Quick Shot - Allows users to capture photos without opening the camera app. Simply press the back button twice when the screen is off.Gallery - Putting the entire picture in one view gives ease of finding among the thousands of photo collections stored.Pocket Event - Enables users personal scheduling enough to shift and put the notes or any activity plan from various calendar of events and social media accounts.Smart Notice - brought about the development of the previous generation with a variety of personalization such as weather, travel and provide critical information by combining the results of the analysis of user habits.Quick Help - facilitating users get answers to each question related to the use of LG G4. 


LG G4 was really focused on the power of the camera, embedded camera with a 16MP sensor designed for low light conditions. Moreover, LG G4 has a f1.8 aperture that makes it able to capture more light.Kamerapun have + Optical image stabilization (OIS +) 2.0. it's not just the camera is also dilengakapi with Color Spectrum Sensor (CSS). It is the first feature of the type that is applied to a smartphone. This makes the LG G4 carefully read the RGB values ​​and shades lighting of reflection of the reflected infrared light objects.The camera also has a manual mode that can provide flexibility to produce images more artistic. Present through the availability of setting the focus, shutter speed, ISO, Exposure to White Balance. And photos can also be stored in RAW format.Especially for the front camera, there's just a camera with 8MP sensor, but has a Gesture Interval Shot feature, this feature makes eraser photographing command will be responded by doing four times the camera taking pictures automatically with a distance of every two seconds. 
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